Matt Hurlston – CEO – Ray White Real Estate Carnegie

Domenic Belfiore – DIRECTOR – Ray White Real Estate Werribee

Kevin Chokshi – Sales – Chief auctioneer Ray White Real Estate Cheltenham

Andrew Freeman – Director/ Auctioneer – Ray White Rowville

I unexpectedly found myself in a vulnerable position after the sudden death of my General Manager. To my rescue came Jodie and her team of experts from Exceed League.

Without passwords or knowledge of the daily operation Jodie seamlessly stepped in and took charge. Her unprecedented knowledge of business operations meant we were able to continue to operate without interruption. Jodie and her team were able to quickly identify potential risks, opportunities to improve and streamline my business. 

Through carefully designed systems and structures provided by Exceed League, we are now running far more efficiently and with far greater client satisfaction. My team are also happier and more productive as a result of Jodie and Exceed League’s advice and stewardship.

Anyone looking to move their business to the next level, implement change or just looking for great advice would be crazy not to start with Jodie and her team. Highly recommended!   

Mark Guthrie – CEO Ray White Cranbourne and Ray White Cheltenham

2000+ properties under management, 400+ sales per year.

Many business people have good ideas, many people have good intentions about implementing those ideas but making them happen is the key. In our business I had complete confidence that once an idea was conveyed to Jodie, it was taken, often improved and always implemented to the highest standards.
The growth we achieved was a direct result of identifying good talent, implementing good structure and following through with attention to detail. These features all contributed to growth and were the key responsibility of Jodie and her team. If you want results at the next level Exceed League is your best option.

Kirby Cuomo

Jodie is what I like to call a magician! However small or large my request, she just gets it done! She has helped our business progress largely over the last 6 months and is the queen of systems and implementations. Highly recommend her.

Tegan Vanderheiden

Jodie is amazing. She has helped us to create and implement structure, processes & procedures and increase efficiency. Her knowledge is unbelievable. She has also helped us transition from Rest to a cloud based program, Property Me. Thank you Jodie for your support and mentoring. Highly recommended.

Bronte Foote

Jodie is one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with! Can’t thank her enough for all the help and support. 

Bridget Julia

Having worked with Jodie for 7 years, I can confidently endorse her expertise and unique skill set, in particular her way of ensuring every task has a process in place to be certain nothing is overlooked and there is no time wasted. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your career, or looking to grow your business as a whole, with Jodie’s guidance and support you are sure to excel.


Victoria Occhibove

Jodie came to our office at the start of May. She was able to pin point where we needed to start to get on top of things and be able to have a process that works for the office. I highly recommend Jodie. You never know exactly what your business is lacking. There is always room for improvement. She is only ever a phone call away! Thank you Jodie.


Elizabeth Chokshi

I have had the pleasure of working with Jodie Hanssen for close to 8 years. In this time Jodie has been an amazing mentor and provided my department with the support, policies and procedures and guidance to make our department one of the best in our group. The set of skills that Jodie possesses are priceless to any business that is looking to focus on improvement and growth. I cannot recommend Exceed League highly enough.


Mia Aleardi

For the past few months, I have been working with Jodie to help me succeed in my leadership role. Through working with her, she has not only taught me ways to succeed in my role, but ways for the whole team to as well. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Jodie!

Obrien Real Estate

Cannot recommend Exceed League highly enough!

Jodie has recently provided our business quality tips and insights to multiple software that we use within our business. We initially didn’t realise that we weren’t using these to our full potential and since Jodie’s visit we have straight away implemented and actioned these handy tips to increase productivity and save time whilst giving our clients quality service. Not only has she provided expertise in software, she has provided so much useful information on day to day management, operations, team building/culture, people management and leadership skills.

All of us staff currently have an extra spring in our step and we can’t wait to have her back!